Thankful Thursday {and some election thoughts}

Today there is one thing that trumps anything I could possibly be thankful for, and that’s the simple fact that I am SO THANKFUL that this election is OVER! Regardless of whether or not your candidate won, I think we can all agree that this was an incredibly stressful and exhausting election season, that has seemingly been going on forever. I’m not going to go into my personal political views, although I will say that I was not supportive of either candidate and personally don’t think either of them have much business being the POTUS, but I AM going to support President Trump now that he is in office, and I will respect him and pray for him, just like I would have done for Hillary. Our country’s leaders need prayers. Lots of them.

I am also going to tell an interesting story that pretty much sums up my view point on how messed up this whole situation was. I was talking to a group of random people at my gym on election day. Some of us had already voted that morning, and some of us, including myself, were planning to go after work. We all have a sense of humor and we are all respectful of one another, so it wasn’t totally absurd that we got into this conversation about the candidates and who we were voting for. One guy said something about how he could totally peg each of us and accurately predict who we were voting for, based on the little bit of personal info he knows about each of us. He started going around our little circle giving his predictions. When he got to me he thought for a second and then said that I was definitely voting for Hillary because “you are a strong, educated woman with a professional career, but you also have a kid, and you’re probably all about some women’s rights.” A girl in our group that knows me pretty well said, “No way, she’s way too conservative to vote for Hillary, and she’s a Christian, so I bet anything she felt she had to vote for the more conservative candidate.” And therein lies the problem. If you’re a strong woman with some slight feminist tendencies, you’re expected to vote for Hillary, despite the fact that she is NOT a woman I’d ever want to look up to or emulate. Of all the amazing, qualified, strong and honest women in this country, she was our best option? I have a hard time believing that. Nor would I want to encourage my own daughter to grow up to be like Hillary. Don’t get me wrong – I am incredibly proud of the fact that we had a woman candidate at all. It was a historical moment, and I’m so proud of how hard she fought to get there and what it means for women who are also fighting their male counterparts to get to the top every single day. But do I think that just because she’s a woman, or even a woman with a lot of government experience under her belt, that she was deserving of being the POTUS? Sorry, but no. On the flipside, if you’re a Christian, you’re generally expected to vote for the more conservative candidate, a/k/a Trump in this case, when he’s pretty much the exact opposite of what I think a true Christian should stand for. Heck, he’s not even what I think a man should stand for. Again, of all the qualified, honorable, tactful and respected men out there, he was our best option? No way.

If my label is going to be “woman” I certainly do not want to be the sort of “woman” that Hillary Clinton is. Thanks, but I can quickly spout off 10 other women that I would much rather fall in the footsteps of. If my label is going to be “Christian” I also do not want to be the sort of “Christian” that Donald Trump is. Again, so many other Christians that I admire and look up to, not just because they are professed Christians, but also because of their values, generosity, grace and humility, and most importantly, desire to spread love and joy and acceptance. For me this election season, voting was literally a rock and a hard place. I didn’t feel like we could win either way, and I wasn’t pleased with either candidate, just like many other Americans. So I prayed, and voted my conscious, and did what I felt was the right thing to do. And you know what? It all turned out OK. It would have been OK if it were the other candidate as well. We are going to be OK. Now it’s time to accept, unite and move forward. And pray. Pray for our new President, pray for our government, pray for our country, pray for some peace. God’s got this. If you are still struggling today with the outcome, I hope you can find that sense of peace too.

And if we really need something else controversial to argue about, I can officially confirm that the “holiday” cups are out at Starbucks and apparently they have brought back some Christmas’esque decorations. Mine had ornaments on it this morning. Let the Facebook rants commence.

Also, puppies make everything better:)


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