Pregnancy #2 Journal: 8 Weeks

Due date: August 11, 2017
How far along: 8 weeks
Size of baby: a juicy raspberry
Weight gain: I honestly have no idea, but I’d guess maybe a pound or so

Maternity clothes: no, but it won’t be long….I have an obvious pooch and it’s pretty much stretchy leggings and tunics right now
Movement: no
Sleep: ehh, the constant queasiness makes it hard and it takes me awhile to get comfortable, AND I’m already making 1 or 2 bathroom trips during the night
Cravings: it’s not that I really crave things so much as there are only certain things that actually sound good to me, like Taco Bell bean burritos (must be Taco Bell ONLY), tomato soup (preferably Panera) and grilled cheese to dip in it, cinnamon raisin bagels warmed up with nothing on them, tuna salad (preferably Penn Station), Sonic tater tots, pickles, veggie burgers with sweet potato fries, chips and crackers, Skittles
Aversions: a lot of stuff, including my beloved morning coffee (I can’t even stand the smell or sight of it), dairy, sweets (except for the aforementioned Skittles) and pretty much anything other than what I listed above
Symptoms: queasy pretty much all day everyday, but especially in the evenings, and I’m more tired in general
What I miss: feeling normal and not having this horrible nausea all the flippin’ time
What I’m looking forward to: our second ultrasound next week
Best moment of the week: It’s not pregnancy related, but taking a trip with Matt to Savannah was exactly what I needed. We did a decent amount of sight seeing, but we also rested A LOT and slept in every morning. Made to order breakfasts at our sweet B&B was perfect for my weird cravings/aversions and Savannah has so many great food options that I was always able to find something to eat. But again, the extra sleep and general lack of responsibility was absolutely ahh-mazing.
Thoughts on pregnancy: It’s just so different this go around, and I’m only 8 weeks. I can’t believe that I’m already showing, whereas with Asher Wade I didn’t “show” until like 14 weeks. I’m getting nervous about trying to hide it, at least at work for the time being. I was definitely not this queasy with AW either, so that’s been a not-so-fun experience this go around. On the flip side, I am way more relaxed this time and don’t freak out over every little thing and I’ve definitely gone against some of those “pregnancy rules” like not sleeping on your back, not taking hot baths, not eating soft cheese or sushi, etc. I realized just last night that I’m not supposed to be using products containing retinol, which my night cream definitely has in it. Honestly, I should probably be a little more cautious, lol. Already an obvious second child and he/she isn’t even earth side yet;)
8 week bump pic…just a little pooch:-)

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