Motivation Monday (err, Tuesday) and some Fitness Goals

I honestly didn’t even know what day it was and keep thinking it’s Monday. After being off for almost 2 weeks, where my days were pretty much just running together, the struggle has been REAL today. After the craziness that was Christmas, my parents graciously took Asher Wade back home with them for a week and Matt and I jetted off to Savannah, GA for a MUCH needed vacay! I’m always a little blue when Christmas is over and this was a perfect way to get me over the hump…a vacation after Christmas! Genius! The whole week of Christmas was so hectic and busy, but I did pretty well carving out some time for my workouts. Savannah naturally provided some opportunity for exercise because it’s such a beautiful city and I love walking around and taking jogs up and down the lovely streets. I was also able to take several Orangetheory Fitness classes, which was a nice treat since it’s usually hard for me to fit in more than 1 or 2 during a regular work week.

Stats from the past two weeks:

Monday 12/19: 30 minutes on the elliptical and then ran 1 mile on the treadmill (6.0 mph)

Tuesday 12/20: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday 12/21: Happy Birthday to me! I celebrated with a 35 minute run on the treadmill (6.0-6.5 mph).

Thursday 12/22: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Friday 12/23: I was out running errands all day, but I did take a few laps around our block with the pups.

Saturday 12/24: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday 12/25: Merry Christmas! I didn’t do a thing but hang out with my family today.

Monday 12/26-Friday 12/30: We were in Savannah and we walked a lot everyday. I also squeezed in an Orangetheory Fitness class on Monday morning before we left.

Saturday 12/31: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday 1/1: Happy 2017! I thanked my body for carrying me through 2016 by letting it rest today.

Here’s hoping I can carry this same motivation into 2017. I felt like I accomplished a lot of fitness goals in 2016, and it will be hard to match those in this new year. I graduated from a power walker to a runner, I ran two half marathons, I tried new sports like SUP, kayaking and rock climbing, I completed a round of Whole30, I tried and ultimately got hooked on OTF, which has challenged me more than any other workout I’ve ever done, and I got stronger overall and definitely increased my endurance. I also consistently started exercising at lunch every day during the week. It’s really unusual for me to not be in the gym, or running outside, on my lunch break. It’s just what I do and has become such a habit for me that I get annoyed when something interferes. Just ask Matt…he probably doesn’t appreciate getting turned down for lunch dates so I can hit the gym instead. Seriously though, if you struggle with finding time to exercise because of work during the day and then family obligations at night (and you’re NOT a morning person), try going on your lunch break. Besides the obvious health benefit, it’s such a great way to break up your day. I always feel 10x better and more energized and it makes my afternoons go by so much faster. Then I can focus on family in the evenings, knowing my workout is already done.

Now to figure out some fitness goals for 2017! I’m not really sure what I want to do. I absolutely have no desire to run a full marathon, but maybe I will shoot for a certain time on a half marathon. Anyone have some fitness related goals or resolutions they’d like to share??


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