Taking Stock {4.0}

Haven’t done a “life lately” post in forever, and since I’m enjoying a low-key evening on the couch while AW plays quietly (maybe too quietly….) upstairs, what better time!

Making: a Costco list so I don’t aimlessly wander around like I normally do, OR rack up a $500 tab like I normally do:/
Cooking: a corn chowder for a potluck tomorrow night
Drinking: a juice concoction of beets, carrots, orange, green apple, kale and lemon
Reading: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah….first time reading anything by this author and I love it!
Wanting: the remainder of these Christmas decorations to magically put themselves away
Looking: forward to our anniversary dinner date tomorrow night
Playing: Cody, Maddux and Annie causing a ruckus…same time, same place, every night
Deciding: on furniture for Asher Wade’s room (he’s being relocated to a larger room in the house and getting bunk beds!)
Wishing: I could get a fully 8 hours of solid sleep tonight
Enjoying: one of the macaroons we brought back from a bakery in Savannah
Waiting: is seriously the hardest part of anything!
Liking: that it is in the 60s today…I don’t even care about the rain
Wondering: if a few things that I really need to work out, will work out the way I need them to
Loving: getting in a warm bath at night after being cold all flippin’ day
Considering: some ideas for a family vacation this spring
Watching: currently alternating between Parenthood and The Crown on Netflix
Hoping: for something that I can’t quite divulge yet
Marveling: at the fact that Matt and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on tomorrow!!
Needing: to do some major deep cleaning and purging
Smelling: corn chowder
Wearing: my usual lounging attire…cozy pajamas
Following: @goatsofanarchy on Instagram for some major doses of cuteness
Noticing: that I am very, very tired
Knowing: it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep
Thinking: about our budget and what we need to be preparing for these next few months
Admiring: all these pretty new prints in my Lilly Pulitzer catalog
Sorting: through our Tupperware cabinet…why is that thing always such a disaster?!
Buying: nada…don’t need a single thing after Christmas
Getting: tired of winter, real fast
Bookmarking: meal ideas on Pinterest for Matt while he’s doing the Daniel Fast
Disliking: that it’s January and that we now have 3 months of cold
Laughing: at Asher Wade all day, every day
Feeling: to be honest, really tired and worn out

Join in and tell us what’s going on with you lately, too!


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