Pregnancy #2 Journal: 12 Weeks

Due date: August 11, 2017
How far along: 12 weeks
Size of baby: a large plum…one of my favorite fruits:)
Weight gain: overall around 3 pounds
Maternity clothes: I’m still able to rock my looser fitting clothing (mainly tunics and leggings), but I’m basically just wearing that stuff in an effort to hide my bump at work. As soon as I make my announcement to my immediate team (probably tomorrow), I’m going to stop worrying about trying to conceal the bump and embrace it instead! I’ve pulled all of my maternity clothes out of bins and I’m ready to finally feel comfortable. I’m kind of over using a hair tie to close the button on my jeans;)
Movement: Lots of flutters and swooshes and what feels likes swimming in my belly, especially at night. I didn’t feel anything with Asher Wade until around week 16, but I’ve been feeling all kinds of things this go around for a couple of weeks now. No idea if it’s actually the baby swimming laps in there, or just some gas and other stomach stuff. During our ultrasound today that little peanut was moving nonstop.
Sleep: For the love. Why am I already having such a hard time?! I fall asleep pretty quickly, but I almost always wake up around 4 and can’t get back to sleep. I’m really struggling with staying off my back and I know I need to start being careful about that. I think I’ll have to order some sort of pregnancy pillow that will help me stay on my side.
Cravings: Still somewhat limited in what I can/want to eat, but I do find myself craving certain things, like chocolate (I got a Milky Way out of the vending machine yesterday, which is something I would normally never do, but it just sounded so dang good), birthday cake (lol!), McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes, fruity candy like Skittles or as of late those Sweet Tart gummy hearts that come out around Valentines Day, pizza, sandwiches (Tofurkey and Swiss has been my jam, and I also still crave tuna fish salad), Mexican food, crackers and chips, especially Baked Cheetos.
Symptoms: My nausea has gotten better during the day, but it gets bad starting around 4:00 every afternoon and gets progressively more uncomfortable as the night goes on. Coupled with being so tired when I get home in the evenings, I often just lay on the couch until relocating to our bed. I feel bad because I normally enjoy playing with Asher Wade or taking a family walk with the pups, but I literally just feel like I have zero energy and it’s all I can do not to close my eyes. I remember this getting better in the second trimester with my first pregnancy, so hopefully I’ll turn a corner soon. Otherwise, I’m pretty good during the day and have been able to keep up my exercising as long as I do it by lunch time. I’m still really gassy and get bloated easily, but again, hoping that will ease up soon.
What I miss: Consistent sleep and feeling like myself. Totally vain, I know, but I also miss being able to use all of my Rodan + Fields products (retinol isn’t recommended during pregnancy).
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out the sex! I had all the testing done today and now we are just waiting on results. We are planning to do a little gender reveal with some cupcakes for just Matt, Asher Wade and me, and then we will officially make this pregnancy public around Valentine’s Day!
Best moment of the week: The ultrasound today and seeing our wiggly little peanut, bee-bopping all over the place. Heart rate was strong and everything looked great! Feels good to get to that 12-week mark and I can’t believe I’ll be entering my second trimester!
Thoughts on pregnancy: While I haven’t been near as paranoid as I was when pregnant with Asher Wade, I’ve found myself being a little more cautious lately. I was really happy to finally make it to the 12-week mark and have our doctor appointment today, and I hope my anxiety and fears start letting up a little now. I’m anxious to get all those test results, but again, that’s kind of my personality. I’m still a lot less anxious this go around as compared to my first. I’ve also found myself starting to take it easier at the gym and really being careful not to push too hard. I know how important it is to listen to my body. However, I’m determined to keep up my workouts. With my first pregnancy I pretty much just walked, but this time I am doing Orangetheory and more high intense exercise in general. I’m curious to see if I reap any benefit from this during delivery/recovery.
In other news, I am already so in love with this new little peanut! It’s so amazing how quickly you bond. I am fiercely protective already and I just feel this surge of love every time I touch my belly. As difficult as pregnancy can sometimes be, it’s truly incredible to have this life growing inside of me. It’s just such a miracle.
We’ve been so bad about taking bump pictures, but here’s one I snapped in the bathroom at work…
And our 12 week ultrasound picture… 

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