Pregnancy #2 Journal: 14 Weeks

How far along: 14/15 weeks. I’ll be curious to get an update at my next appointment because at my last one I was measuring a week ahead, which means I’m actually 15 weeks now.
Due date:  Somewhere between August 4th and August 11th…hoping we will get a more accurate DD at my next checkup.
Gender: BOY!!
Size of baby: a large lemon, or my fist
Weight gain: overall around 5 pounds I think, definitely all in my belly
Maternity clothes: Yep. Thankfully I have quite a few things from my pregnancy with Asher Wade since I was pregnant during the winter. I was so happy to finally bust out the maternity pants and stop trying to squeeze into my regular ones. I had forgotten how much cute stuff I had. I also have a lot of tunic type tops and leggings in my wardrobe which have come in handy. I pretty much wear Gap Maternity because it fits well and holds up, but doesn’t break the bank. I’m thinking about ordering a few things from the LOFT maternity line to see how I like that brand. Once it starts to warm up I’ll definitely have to get some spring/summer items considering most of my stuff is for cold weather.
Sleep: It varies night to night, but it’s generally not great. I’m exhausted at night and fall asleep easily, but I almost always wake up around 4 or 5 (last night it was 2) and often can’t fall back asleep. I bought a new Snoogle pregnancy pillow, which is helping me get a little more comfortable.
Cravings: The nausea has gotten better, but I’m still limited in what I actually want to eat. There’s a lot of things that I normally love that just don’t sound appetizing. I’m really trying to focus on eating more nutrient dense and balanced meals, but it’s hard when all I really want is grilled cheese, pizza and Mexican. At lunch I’ll literally walk down to the cafeteria and wander around until I find something that sounds ok. It’s pointless to pack my lunch because what may sound good in the morning, likely won’t sound good at all by the time lunch rolls around. I also get really intense cravings for specific things. Like last night I desperately wanted a fried egg sandwich, so that’s exactly what I made. I’m craving chocolate candy bars, like Snickers and Milky Ways, and still loving fruity candies like Skittles. I’ve a couple cups of coffee and they’ve tasted OK, but still not like before where it was literally the first thing I wanted upon waking.
Symptoms: As I mentioned my nausea has gotten better, although I still get little waves of it periodically. I have to watch what I eat or I get really bloated and have some indigestion (I felt horrible after eating a lot of cheesy, fatty snacks at a Super Bowl party last weekend).  Fatigue and general tiredness has gotten better. My hair and fingernails are growing crazy fast. I seriously feel like I have to trim my nails every few days. I’m still a little itchy, but not as bad as a couple weeks ago. I’m wondering if it’s more to do with the cold weather and drier skin?? I started using a really thick lotion (plus argan oil on my belly) and I think that’s helping. My growing belly is getting a little awkward and slowing my movements down and it gets tight towards the end of the day. Overall though, I feel pretty good, just not as great as I did with Asher Wade;)
What I miss: Consistent sleep, having a normal appetite and sleeping on my belly.
What I’m looking forward to: Starting on the nursery now that we know the gender, and getting Asher Wade settled in his new room. Not pregnancy related, but I’m also looking forward to a little overnight getaway with Matt next weekend. Oh, and my mom coming in next week!
Best moment of the week: Making this pregnancy public! It was so fun to have those sweet pictures done for the big announcement. It was also an exciting time when we found out the gender. We did a little gender reveal with some cupcakes for Matt, AW and me and it was really fun to share that moment as a family. I was also thankful to receive positive results from the Harmony testing.
Thoughts on pregnancy: I’m getting to that phase where the sight of any little newborn makes me tear up. Gah. I love newborn babies and I CANNOT wait to hold my own again. I keep wondering if he will look like Asher Wade and if he will be similar to Asher Wade in personality. I’m just curious overall how the whole experience will differ. I just remember how shocking it was becoming parents for the first time, and how much it threw us for a loop adding a newborn to our lives. We literally had no idea what we were in for…ignorance is bliss I guess UNTIL you realize just how unprepared you are. This time I feel like we will have a much better handle on things and know what to expect, at least to an extent. Obviously I understand that this baby could be totally different. Asher Wade was such a challenging newborn and I feel like a lot of that new motherhood joy was stolen because I was just trying to get by without losing it. Besides the obvious shock of being new parents, he had that awful colic that was just incredibly difficult to deal with and manage. While we were in the thick of it all it just felt like it would never end, even though in reality it only lasted 10 weeks or so. It’s reassuring to know now that those challenging moments are fleeting and that season will pass. Knowing that makes me feel so much more at ease and I really think I will savor those newborn days so much more and not wish them away. Especially knowing this will (most likely, although we know God has a sense of humor) be our last baby. I want to soak it all in….purple face crying and all;)

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