Happy Day of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day so let’s have a little fun shall we? Copy and paste and answer the following about your own significant other!

How long have you known each other?
Since Memorial Day weekend of 2005, so almost 12 years

Who asked who out?
He asked me

What about pets?
Yes we have a zoo..a labradoodle, an Australian shepherd and a sweet kitty

Who said I love you first?
Matt told me first after an O.A.R. concert, although he was a little tipsy when he said it, lol!

Who is the most sensitive?
Definitely me

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Mojo Burrito, Moe’s, although we like to mix it up on date night…Stir is probably our favorite local place

Who’s older?
Matt, and I never let him forget it!

Who has the craziest ex?
Neither of us as far as I know

Who has the worst temper?

Who is more social?
We are both pretty social, but I think Matt probably edges me out a little since I can have some introvert tendencies at times

Who is the neat freak?
Probably me, I like things a certain way

Who is the most romantic?

Who is the most stubborn?
Definitely a tie, and Asher Wade has inherited that trait

Who wakes up earlier?
Same, we both get up when the alarm goes off, or when AW comes in

Who’s the funniest?

Where was your first date?
Cha Cha Coconuts in Sarasota

Who has the biggest family?
Both families are the same size

Do you get flowers often?
Yes, quite often actually…I received a beautiful bouquet today:-)

How long did it take to get serious?
We got pretty serious right away, although we took a little “break” shortly after we started dating, but then picked right back up…we were engaged less than a year after meeting.

Who eats more?
Usually him, but right now, probably me #pregnancytruths

Plans date night?
It’s a toss up that generally involves us going back and forth until someone makes the executive decision (usually me)

Who was interested first?
He was interested in me first

Who picks where you go to dinner?
Usually me

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
Well, I’m never wrong, so I don’t usually have anything to admit 😉 (seriously, we BOTH struggle with this)

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I like to think that Matt wears the pants, but I’m the suspenders that hold those pants up;)

Who eats more sweets?
Definitely me!

Who cries more?

Celebrating our 12th Valentine’s Day together by doing a partner workout at Orangetheory, because that’s just how we do things:-)


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