Asher Wade’s 4th Birthday Party

Although we did take Asher Wade to Chuck-E-Cheese on his actual birthday (his request, and I’ve decided that battle is not worth fighting, as much as I dislike that place), and he had a little celebration at school that day, we officially celebrated him turning 4 years old this past Saturday with a super fun, farm themed bash. My parents, Matt’s parents, my brother and his girlfriend all came in for the weekend, and we invited his classmates and several friends from church and the neighborhood, so needless to say, we had a full backyard! I have a sweet friend that owns a lovely farm and has a traveling petting zoo. She brought over lots of precious animals, including some babies (!!) and a pony for pony rides. The kids had a blast! We grilled hot dogs and I made several “farm themed” snacks (thanks, Pinterest). I love how everything turned out and I really loved watching all the kids laugh and run around and love on the animals. If you are local and ever need a petting zoo for an event, I cannot recommend Noah’s Little Ark enough. The animals are adorable and so well taken care of and Cindy and her husband are as nice as they come.


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