Motivation Monday

Lots of Orangetheory Fitness classes have been mixed in my exercise routine lately because I have some terrible shin splints and ankle discomfort going on right now and the most comfortable surface for me to run or walk on is the treadmill at OTF (they are cushioned well and generally just amazing). I have no clue if it’s pregnancy related or what, but I am assuming it is. I think my body, specifically my legs and ankles, are trying to adjust to the extra poundage I am carrying around. It’s really been a struggle and I’m hoping it subsides soon.

Stats from the week before last:

Monday: Went for a 4 mile run outside with my running buddy and it was a struggle. I don’t know if it was because I just hadn’t given my legs enough rest time since the half marathon, or if it’s because running is just becoming difficult with my 22 week (now 23 week) pregnant self. I was so out of breath, my belly felt ridiculously heavy, and like I mentioned above, I have shin splints from hell. Just overall not a good experience. I’m going to give it another few days and then try again, or maybe I’ll just stick with the treadmill, which doesn’t seem to bother me as bad.

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: 50 minute walk outside along the river…shin splints are still awful:(

Friday: 20 minute run on the treadmill (5.0 mph) and a 30 minute Step class

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Took Cody for a 60 minute walk outside at a local greenway. I had to take several breaks to stop and stretch my ankles and legs, and generally walked a lot slower than normal, but I still feel like I got a good workout in and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Stats from last week:

Monday: 30 minute “Chisel” class (all strength training using free weights) and 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.0 mph)

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: Wasn’t feeling it today, but I bucked up and did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by about ¾ of a 45 minute Total Body Training class (full body strength workout with some cardio intervals thrown in)

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Pretty much a rest day other than taking Cody for a stroll around the neighborhood


Pregnancy Journal #2: 21 Weeks

How far along: 21 weeks
Due date: Even though I’ve consistently been measuring a full week ahead, we are going with August 11th because I don’t want to feel pressure to induce earlier
Gender: BOY!!
Size of baby: A banana, and at my appointment he was coming in just under 1 pound
Weight gain: 15 pounds…pretty much all still in my belly and thighs
Maternity clothes: Yep, unless it just happens to be a loose fitting dress or tunic that I previously had. I have a lot of Lilly Pulitzer swing dresses and tunics, so they have come in handy. I’ve also picked up several of those body hugging dresses with the ruching on the side. I don’t like my clothing to be big and boxy, or I feel even bigger, but I need the stretch in my belly. There’s not many maternity clothing options in stores, so I’ve been ordering mostly online. Gap, Target and Isabella Oliver have been my go-to brands. I wear a lot of Lululemon and have just gone up a size to accommodate my growing belly.
Sleep: It varies and I’ll have a few good nights, and then several not so good nights. If I fall asleep and stay asleep all night, I’m good, but if something wakes me up (usually Asher Wade as of late) I’m screwed and generally cannot fall back asleep. There have been several nights where I’ve just turned on my Kindle and started reading at like 2 a.m. because I’m wide awake.
Movement: Yes, it has picked up a lot over the last week or so and he is especially active in the evenings when I’m finally resting. My activity during the day seems to keep him in a constant state of sleepiness, so I guess he likes movement. He’s definitely not as busy as Asher Wade was and the jabs and kicks are more sporadic.
Cravings: It still changes day to day, or meal to meal, but nothing unusual. I’ll get something in my head and I usually have to have it. Mexican has continued to be a staple. I’ve had Tazikis on the brain for the past several days and I really need to make that happen soon. I want frozen yogurt a lot, although mainly for the toppings. I pretty much always have some sort of chocolate on hand. I’ve been craving protein as well. Other staples have been bagels, Clif bars, salads with salmon, PB&J, hard boiled eggs and Smoothie King. Oh, and I’m embarrassed to say how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I have gone through:-)
Aversions: Not really anything in particular…and I’m thankful that coffee finally tastes good again.
Symptoms: Some lower back and hip discomfort, especially after sitting for extended periods, a lot of tightness in my belly, especially in the evenings, a swirl of spider veins around my left ankle and I’ve still been pretty itchy, although that has gotten a little better. Then of course there’s the general exhaustion. I am so wiped in the evenings it’s all I can do not to just get in the bathtub the moment I get home from work and crawl into bed. It’s not so much that I’m tired, but that my body is physically exhausted. The highlight of my day is when I finally crawl into bed and sink into the mattress.
What I miss: Wine and sleeping on my belly. I’ve been wanting a glass of good red wine so bad lately and may end up treating myself to a small portion.
What I’m looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery. We are so much further along than we were at this point with Asher Wade, probably because we already had the furniture and because I had a clear vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like. The shiplap accent wall is all done and looks great and I’m waiting on some artwork to come in to hang on that wall over the crib, and a fluffy white rug and a few other decorative pieces.
Best moment of the week: Receiving a good report at my appointment on Monday and getting some great shots of our little guy. He was so cooperative for the pictures. We brought Asher Wade with us and I loved how excited AW was to see his baby brother on the screen.
Thoughts on pregnancy: It still feels like it’s going really slow. Maybe it felt like this with Asher Wade and I just don’t remember. One thing I know is that I didn’t have this level of exhaustion with Asher Wade, but I have to keep reminding myself that we have so much more on our plates now, simply from the fact that we already have a kid. Plus I know I am working out a lot more than I did during my first pregnancy.
Here’s a few ultrasound pictures from this past Monday and a few bump pictures from the last week or so…

Motivation Monday

{Forgot to post this yesterday}

Well, the main highlight from the last two weeks was the half marathon I did in Sarasota two Sunday’s ago! It was definitely a struggle, but I came in 5 minutes under my goal time of 3 hours, and I was able to jog a good portion of it, so I was pretty pleased. Normally I run a half in 2:20 (2 hours and 20 minutes), and this one took me 2:55, but taking into account that I power walked about 4 miles of it and literally stopped at every single porta-potty, it was a decent pace. I also dealt with some sharp knee pain early on that required me to stop and stretch a few times. I definitely felt 20 weeks pregnant, lol. Between the constant need to pee, the knee pain and the heaviness of my belly, I’d be lying if I said I felt great during the run, but I didn’t feel terrible and it was absolutely manageable. Thankfully the weather was perfect and obviously the scenery was beautiful, and I ran with an old friend that I literally hadn’t seen since high school, so that made it more fun. I always feel accomplished when I cross that finish line, but man, I felt super proud this time. I also really enjoyed the breakfast buffet that was waiting for me on the other side of the finish line;)

So in case you’re wondering, completing a half marathon while pregnant (at least in the 1st or 2nd trimester…I would personally not attempt one much further along than what I am right now) is absolutely doable assuming you’re already conditioned. I honestly did not train for this one. The last long run I’d done was a half marathon back in November, but I run on average around 15 miles per week between Orangetheory and my own workouts, so my body is definitely conditioned to running, even if not entirely conditioned for long runs. Had I actually trained and done a couple 8-9 milers prior to this race I probably would have done better and felt better, but oh well. It’s over and I finished unscathed and I’m just going to pat myself on the back and move along. I plan to just stick with short runs from here on out, at least until that gets uncomfortable, and then I’ll move on to power walking. I’m just trying to listen to my body and pull it back when I feel like I need to, which is definitely a day to day evaluation.

Stats from the past two weeks:

Monday: Really short on time today so I was only able to squeeze in a 30 minute run on the treadmill (gradually increasing speed every 5 minutes)

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 10 minutes on the treadmill followed by a 45 minute kickboxing class…a little too much jumping around so not sure I’ll go back to that one!

Thursday: 25 minutes on the treadmill (5.5 mph) and 15 minutes on the elliptical

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: Flew out to Sarasota today, and knowing I had my half marathon the next day, I just took a walk around the neighborhood with my mom.

Sunday: Half marathon!

Monday: Walked around the neighborhood with my mom, mainly just to loosen my legs up a little

Tuesday: Power walked around my parent’s neighborhood for 30 minutes and then took another walk with my mom, pushing AW in the stroller, later that evening

Wednesday: 45 minute power walk around my parent’s neighborhood

Thursday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class…it was a ROUGH one

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Pretty much a rest day other than taking Cody for a walk around the block a couple of times

Motivation Monday

Looking back I see that this was a pretty heavy week of exercise, although it didn’t really feel like it. Four OTF classes in one week is kind of unusual for me, but I try to take advantage of it when I’m able to go, since that’s not always the case due to scheduling conflicts and sometimes lack of energy. Pregnancy, and all the not-so-fun side effects that often come along with it, can make it so easy to slack off on the exercise. I did not sleep well this week and subsequently had very low energy and would have preferred to go lie down on a park bench during my lunch break. However, I know that 99% of the time I will feel better and more energized if I go exercise. Even if that just means heading outside for a walk. When I was pregnant with Asher Wade, all I really did was walk and do the elliptical, which is still great and definitely better than not doing anything at all, but this time I am doing OTF and a lot more weight training, and running of course. After I had AW I found that I had lost a lot of muscle tone because I basically didn’t lift any weights during my pregnancy. I don’t want that to happen again. Between OTF and regular strength training, I am probably the strongest I have ever been and I am absolutely not going to let all the hard work go to waste. With my first pregnancy I was more concerned with gaining too much weight, and I thought cardio was the best way to avoid that. This time I am more concerned with holding on to my muscle, and I’m putting more focus on strength training, but still doing a decent amount of cardio. I guess it’s kind of an experiment to see which route will ultimately yield the best results, so the jury is still out on that one.

Stats from this past week:

Monday: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.5 mph) and a 45 minute Sports Drill class (alternating cardio intervals and strength training intervals)

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: Was really not feeling it today and basically just walked down to the gym on auto pilot and told myself I would change and at least walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I ended up running into my friend in the locker room and she was struggling with the same lack of motivation so we decided to head outside for a walk and it ended up being so nice and just what I needed! Exercise buddies are the BEST.

Friday: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.0 mph) followed by a 45 minute Sports Drill class (alternating between cardio and strength intervals)

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Full disclosure…I had planned to make today a total rest day, but after a few hours of dealing with a VERY ornery almost 4 year old, I decided I needed to escape and de-stress and went to a 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class.

On another note, I am technically supposed to be running/walking a half marathon this coming Sunday. Asher Wade and I are flying to Sarasota for a few days while he’s on spring break and there’s a half going on while we are there. I committed to doing it awhile back, knowing the route would be beautiful and the weather likely nice, as is the usual in Sarasota in March, but now I’m totally psyching myself out. I haven’t done any long runs since my last half in November. I couldn’t find any training buddies this go around (other than 4-5 mile runs, which I have done a lot of) and I absolutely cannot stand running by myself. SO BORING. So basically I am going into this completely unprepared. I know I can do a combination of jogging and walking, and honestly, I don’t know that I should be running 13.1 miles at 5 months pregnant anyways, so a jogging/walking combo is probably better anyways. Not to mention I’ll be stopping at every single porta-potty along the route;) Wish me luck!

I just had to post this picture because it kind of cracks me up. 

It snowed in the early hours of Sunday so while Matt headed to church, I decided to keep AW home. He’s had a little cold and between that and the new sleeping arrangements, his sleep hasn’t been the greatest this week, and he’s been rather grumpy and ornery. At some point that morning he was literally losing his mind over I don’t even know what, and I snapped this, sent to Matt and texted, “S.O.S., I will meet you at OTF at 12:30 and hand him off to you. May the force be with you.” Matt met me there and took Mr. Grumpy Pants to lunch and then promptly met me back at OTF an hour later and gave back Mr. (still) Grumpy Pants so he could do the 2:00 class. Parenting ain’t nothing without teamwork.

Motivation Monday and Weekend Shenanigans

Stats from this past week:

Monday: 15 minutes on the elliptical and a 45 minute Sports Drill class (alternating cardio intervals and strength training intervals)

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: NOT feeling it today at all, but I knew I’d feel better if I at least did something, so I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a 5% incline. It felt really challenging, which reminded me that I should mix in some incline walking with my usual running more often. For some reason I always feel like I have to run to get in a good cardio workout, which is of course not always the case.

Thursday: 4 mile run along the river with my running buddy…this felt particularly hard today and I feel like I’m getting to close to changing my runs into power walksL

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: Ran a 5K race downtown that was super fun AND finished in 30 minutes (and some odd seconds), which is pretty much my usual pre-pregnancy pace, so I was pretty pleased with that:) It was so cold that morning, and I almost didn’t go, but per the usual when it comes to morning workouts, I was glad I did it and got my exercise out of the way early.

Sunday: Basically took a rest day other than taking Cody for a 20 minute walk around the ‘hood.

We had yet another busy weekend. I don’t know when it’s going to slow down, but as of right now we have nothing on the calendar for this coming weekend, so maybe this will be it. We did, however, get a lot of stuff done around the house, particularly in Asher Wade’s new room, so at least it was productive. The quicker we get his new room completed the quicker we can start focusing on the nursery. Matt put together AW’s new bunk beds and they look so cute. Of course AW wanted to sleep on the top bunk and although it was a little touch and go the first night (a combination of being in a new room and the new bed situation), he ultimately slept soundly all night and informed us the next morning that he loves his new bed. Not going to lie, I almost cried as we tucked him in (which is NOT easy for this pregnant mama to do now since it involves climbing a ladder to get into the top bunk) because he suddenly just seemed so big to me, all up in that top bunk, so, so far away (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it did seem like such a big step up to me). I mean, does he not look 10 in the picture below??

Anyways, I am so pleased with how this room is coming out. We’re just waiting on a new area rug and a couple pieces of furniture and it will be done. I’ll post some pictures as soon as everything is complete.

Matt and Asher Wade went to a father/son event that our church organized on Saturday night and according to both of them, they had the best time. 

I was initially a little jealous after hearing that bonfires and s’mores were involved, but after getting 4 hours all to myself to do some shopping, I can’t complain. I can’t remember the last  time I went shopping on my own time without feeling the need to hurry and it was so nice. I picked up a few cute maternity pieces, browsed in Sephora and treated myself to a piece of food court pizza after deciding that the 5K from that morning warranted it. Then I got a cookie from the cookie company after deciding that walking around the mall for 2 hours warranted it;) Sunday was church, lunch and what felt like a million errands, and by the time we climbed in bed Sunday night, I felt like I’d run a marathon, and promptly started researching ideas for a beach vacation, lol.

In other news, these are in stores, so all is well in the world.

Pregnancy #2 Journal: 17 Weeks

How far along: 17’ish weeks. My OB said we’d have a more accurate estimate at my 20 week anatomy scan.
Due date: Somewhere between August 4th and August 11th…again, hoping to have a better estimate at my next appointment
Gender: BOY!!
Size of baby: an avocado, one of my most favorite foods
Weight gain: Ummm, 10 pounds, lol! I gained really slowly in the beginning, but apparently packed it on over the past month. It’s mostly in my belly, which already feels so heavy, but I can also see it in my thighs. I know I sound like a broken record, but this pregnancy is so different from my first! At this point with Asher Wade I had only gained 4 pounds and I was barely showing.
Maternity clothes: Yep. All the time, with the exception of my regular leggings and some tunics.
Sleep: Better, although I still wake up at least once during the night, or really early in the morning before my alarm goes off. My Snoogle has helped immensely.
Movement: Still some flutters and I’m pretty sure I felt a few random kicks this past weekend.
Cravings: It’s all over the board and changes day to day. I cannot plan for anything because I have no idea what will ultimately sound good come meal time. Last week I was on this breakfast kick and hit up the Whole Foods breakfast bar twice, filling my to-go container with enough breakfast food for that morning AND for lunch later in the day. Mexican food is pretty much a staple. We had friends over Friday night and did a taco bar and it was everything and more. Fruit (especially pineapple), chips (especially with guacamole) and bread (especially cornbread…so random) are staples as well. I crave sushi too, and was happy to have some two weekends in a row. I definitely find myself craving protein. Also still scarfing gummy and fruity candies.
Aversions: Not really anything in particular…it’s just that a lot of stuff doesn’t sound good one day, but then may the next.
Symptoms: Some lower back discomfort, especially after sitting for extended periods, a lot of tightness in my belly, which my OB says is likely from my uterus expanding. A swirl of spider veins have popped up around my left ankle. Maybe TMI, but my boobs are incredibly sore and tender. Good times;)
What I miss: Wine and sleeping on my belly
What I’m looking forward to: Getting started on the nursery (we made a tiny bit of progress this weekend, and various furniture/decorative pieces are starting to be delivered). We are planning to shiplap one of the walls in the nursery, so I’m anxious to get started on that. Once that’s completed we’ll be able to start arranging furniture and setting up the crib. It’s not for another few weeks, but I’m looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound.
Best moment of the week: Getting a good report at my appointment last week and hearing that strong heartbeat.
Thoughts on pregnancy: It feels like it’s going really slow. Maybe that’s because I’ve been more uncomfortable this go around, but I just assumed it would go by fast since we are so much busier than last time and generally have so much going on. It really seems to be dragging though. I’m trying to relish in it and enjoy everything since this will most likely be my last baby, but it’s been a challenge. Maybe it’s the fact that we are so busy all.the.time, and I can’t actually sit back and enjoy the whole experience, or maybe it’s because we’re so busy that we haven’t had time to do any preparations, or maybe it’s still just so early that it hasn’t totally set in yet. I don’t really know, but I’m hoping my attitude softens a little in the coming weeks. I’m also hoping that our weekends will slow down so we can put more focus on preparations.
Here’s a couple bump pictures that I randomly took last week. I’ve got to get better about asking Matt to take pictures of me in the same outfit so it’s easier to tell the progress, but you can definitely see how much I have popped.

Motivation Monday

I went to type this post and realized I had not kept a record of my workouts for the week….whoops! So I’m going to do my best to try and remember. Thankfully my OTF app keeps track of my attendance and I have a gym class schedule hanging in my office, so I can usually figure out what I did. In related news, I found that I had to slow it down a little more this week, because #pregnancy. My belly has been tightening up a lot, which my OB says is likely my uterus expanding and also my body working harder to get oxygen to the baby during exercise. I really notice it in the evenings and obviously when I’m working out, and it’s quite uncomfortable. In the evenings I usually have to lay down until it relaxes a little, and during workouts I just have to slow it down. He told me that it’s nothing to worry about and very normal and to just continue to listen to my body and stop exercising if something feels really off, reminding me that pregnancy IS uncomfortable, and I shouldn’t expect to feel like I did pre-pregnancy, or to necessarily be able to go as hard as I did pre-pregnancy. He’s continued to encourage me to keep up my routine and just listen to my body. I know I’ll have to continue to make adjustments as this pregnancy progresses, but so far I’m keeping my same exercise routine, just going at a slower pace, and taking breaks (for the rest AND for the potty).

Stats from this past week:

Monday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Tuesday: Super busy day, but I squeezed in a 30 minute run on the treadmill (5.0-5.2 mph)

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: 10 minutes on the treadmill (5.6 mph) followed by a 45 minute Total Body Training class (full body workout using free weights and resistance bands…so much shoulder work!)

Friday: Matt and I both took the day off from work so we got to enjoy a 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class together, followed by a celebratory brunch afterwards:-)

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Had already decided that today would be a rest day, but I did take a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood with Cody

Motivation Monday and Weekend Shenanigans

I kind of had a hectic week at work and then we left town on Friday for a little getaway, so it was a bit of a struggle to fit in my exercise towards the latter part of the week. I’m also noticing that my workouts are starting to feel more challenging and I’m finding myself taking more breaks, and taking it slower in general. I’m still running, and I’m planning to do a half marathon in March, but I feel like after that I may start switching to walking instead. Not that running isn’t perfectly safe during pregnancy (assuming you were running before getting pregnant, and assuming you have your doctor’s OK of course), but I’m also trying to listen to my body and my body seems to be telling me to slow it down a little bit. Orangetheory is still going great and I have every intention of keeping that up all the way through my pregnancy, knowing I’ll just have to keep modifying as necessary. Thankfully the coaches are super knowledgeable and have been great about providing modifications as needed.

Stats from this past week:

Monday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class…we did a partner workout for Valentine’s Day and I had so much fun working out with Matt

Wednesday: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.5 mph) and a 45 minute Power Yoga class (where I was reminded how much more stretching I need to be doing…)

Thursday: Squeezed in a 35 minute run on the treadmill (5.5-6.0 mph) between meetings

Friday: Headed to Birmingham for a marriage conference, so I took a rest day, and then regretted not fitting in some sort of exercise given the fact that there was a wall, yes a wall, of donuts at the conference, from my most favorite donut shop in B’ham. Not to mention tables and tables of mini bundt cakes and cheese biscuits and cheese grits and other shenanigans. I decided to indulge anyways, because #yolo, right?

Saturday: 1 hour walk around our old stomping grounds in B’ham with some serious hills to climb up and down

Sunday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Like I mentioned above, we spent the weekend in Birmingham with our dear friends the Miller’s and attended a marriage conference at our old church. This is probably the fifth time we have gone to this conference and it never disappoints. I always come away with new insights and information and a renewed appreciation for Matt and our marriage, and a desire to want to make it even better. My mom flew in to keep Asher Wade so we could get away with total peace of mind knowing he was in good hands. It was such a great weekend with Matt and friends and I’m thankful for the time we had together. I was also thankful to get home to our little stinker yesterday.

Friday Faves: Pregnancy Must-Haves

So here I am, pregnant again, and busting out all of the preggo paraphernalia. Some of these items are favorites from my first pregnancy, but several are ones I have discovered this go around that have made this pregnancy a little easier. Some of them I will continue to use even after this baby is earth side because I love them so much (probably not the Snoogle because I know Matt will be ready to kick the “third person” out of the bed ASAP).

*Snoogle pregnancy pillow. This thing is a lifesaver. Besides my general state of uncomfortable, I really should be trying to stay off my back, and this helps me stay supported on my side so I don’t inadvertently roll over. I love the curved design (as compared to other pregnancy pillows, which are basically just extra large rectangular pillows) because it allows me to stick one end in between my knees, which helps support my belly, and the other end cradles my head nicely. It does take up some space in the bed…almost as much as if there were another person in the bed, but it’s a sacrifice that’s necessary for the short-term.

*Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil and Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. This is my stretch mark preventing dynamo and I can attest that it works. I was all belly with Asher Wade and it looks like I am going to be this time as well, which means I gain most of my weight in that area, which also means lots of stretching to accomodate. I use these oils every single night, rubbing all over my belly and hips, and they help keep stretch marks at bay. Plus they moisturize my skin really nicely and don’t have an overpowering scent.

*Dove Winter Care body wash and Curel Ultra Healing lotion. I have had the driest skin this pregnancy. Not sure if it’s just the weather (although we’ve technically had a very mild winter) or something to do with hormones, but my skin has been dry and sooooo itchy. I tried a few different lotions and finally settled on this one since it worked the best at bringing me some relief. I’ve also used all brands of body wash, but have found this one to be the most beneficial right now. My skin feels so much softer when I get out of the shower. Once I layer on my lotion, I am good to go and itch free.

*Good pregnancy jeans. I swear by the Gap Maternity “True Skinny” jeans (with the full panel). Look and fit great and have just enough stretch, without getting too stretched out after wear. Definitely invest in some good jeans, especially if you’re pregnant in the fall or winter.

*Yeah Baby! by Jillian Michaels. This has been my pregnancy book of choice this time, primarily because it offers a lot of great advice and direction for exercising throughout pregnancy, including specific workout routines and do’s and don’t’s. I’ve also really enjoyed the recipes and meal plans. It is full of so much, science backed, information and the medical/diet/exercise contributors provide a lot of valuable insight.

*My beloved Genie bras. Yes, the “as seen on TV” ones. Even these are not the most attractive of bras, I swear they are the most comfortable things ever. With my, umm hmm, changing bust line, the stretchiness of these have been necessary. They never tug or dig into my skin and they are seamless and work under most tops. Plus, they work great for nursing, so I plan to continue to wear them after the baby arrives as well.

*Dum-Dum lollipops. These have helped my nausea so much. I’ve kept a huge bag in my desk drawer since finding out I was pregnant. Several people have advised me to go buy ginger lollipops and supplements, but Dum-Dum’s are super cheap and I find they work just as well.

*My planner, because #pregnancybrain. I have been so forgetful and somewhat scatter-brained this pregnancy. I’ve had to resort to pretty much writing down everything. I use my Outlook calendar at work, but even that hasn’t been foolproof. I have to write everything down in my planner and refer to it throughout the day to make sure I don’t miss anything. My Outlook calendar serves as backup and sends me those reminders 15 minutes before I have something, assuming I remember to create the reminder….