Happy Day of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day so let’s have a little fun shall we? Copy and paste and answer the following about your own significant other!

How long have you known each other?
Since Memorial Day weekend of 2005, so almost 12 years

Who asked who out?
He asked me

What about pets?
Yes we have a zoo..a labradoodle, an Australian shepherd and a sweet kitty

Who said I love you first?
Matt told me first after an O.A.R. concert, although he was a little tipsy when he said it, lol!

Who is the most sensitive?
Definitely me

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Mojo Burrito, Moe’s, although we like to mix it up on date night…Stir is probably our favorite local place

Who’s older?
Matt, and I never let him forget it!

Who has the craziest ex?
Neither of us as far as I know

Who has the worst temper?

Who is more social?
We are both pretty social, but I think Matt probably edges me out a little since I can have some introvert tendencies at times

Who is the neat freak?
Probably me, I like things a certain way

Who is the most romantic?

Who is the most stubborn?
Definitely a tie, and Asher Wade has inherited that trait

Who wakes up earlier?
Same, we both get up when the alarm goes off, or when AW comes in

Who’s the funniest?

Where was your first date?
Cha Cha Coconuts in Sarasota

Who has the biggest family?
Both families are the same size

Do you get flowers often?
Yes, quite often actually…I received a beautiful bouquet today:-)

How long did it take to get serious?
We got pretty serious right away, although we took a little “break” shortly after we started dating, but then picked right back up…we were engaged less than a year after meeting.

Who eats more?
Usually him, but right now, probably me #pregnancytruths

Plans date night?
It’s a toss up that generally involves us going back and forth until someone makes the executive decision (usually me)

Who was interested first?
He was interested in me first

Who picks where you go to dinner?
Usually me

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
Well, I’m never wrong, so I don’t usually have anything to admit 😉 (seriously, we BOTH struggle with this)

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I like to think that Matt wears the pants, but I’m the suspenders that hold those pants up;)

Who eats more sweets?
Definitely me!

Who cries more?

Celebrating our 12th Valentine’s Day together by doing a partner workout at Orangetheory, because that’s just how we do things:-)


Tis’ the Season {Part 2}

Trying to get caught up on all the Christmas activities we enjoyed this season! I feel like the whole Christmas season flew by, and while we did a lot of fun things, we ran out of time to do everything I had on my list. We were so busy with work and school and other commitments during the week, and I always found myself trying to cram things into the weekends. Just not enough weekends in December. We did make it to Brunch with Santa at the Chattanoogan, rode the North Pole Express and visited Rock City to check out the Enchanted Garden of Lights tour. Asher Wade got to see Santa at all of these events and was a very happy little boy. He consistently told Santa that he wanted a “police car he can ride in” (we assumed he meant a Power Wheels) and a “race car Blaze with a remote control.” Thankfully Santa came through with these special gifts;) We had some great family time with my parents and brother and also hosted a super fun neighborhood party a few days before Christmas. It was a busy couple of weeks, but so much fun…





Oh, and Matt and I even got to sneak away to Savannah for some much needed R&R…


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and cheers to a happy and healthy 2017!

Christmas Wish List

I think I’ve done a Christmas Wish List post just about every year since starting this blog, so I figured I better pull something together again this year. Granted these are all items that I’d personally like to see under the tree on Christmas morning, but maybe the list will also give you some gift ideas for the ladies in your life, or, and no judgment here, for yourself. Full disclosure – I already know I’m getting a few of these items for Christmas because I bought them myself on Cyber Monday. Hey! I can’t help it that I’m such a good sale shopper! Matt’s view is that if I can find something cheaper than what he would have paid, then why not? The only thing I’ve actually opened is the Ninja Coffee Bar, and that was technically my birthday present (which is next week). Everything else went straight under the tree and I’ll act surprised Christmas morning:-)

*Ninja Coffee Bar. For the coffee aficionado in your life. We upgraded from our trusty Keurig and sprung for the fancy version of the Ninja that has the built in frother so I can make coffee shop worthy drinks. I haven’t really had time to mess with it yet, but the regular coffee I’ve made has come out great. I love that you can make larger sized cups so my travel mug is completely filled up. It’s super easy to use. I also love that it is programmable…something my Keurig did not have. Love having my coffee automatically brewed when I leave for work in the morning. If you know the person already has a Keurig, a nice variety box of K-cups would be a fun gift as well.

*On that note, nice travel coffee mugs. I feel like I always buy the cheap ones that don’t hold heat well, or they crack, or don’t hold up in the dishwasher. Bonus points if they actually can go in the dishwasher. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use my Yeti regularly…I’m really OCD about having a clean cup to bring to work with me each day, but I don’t have the patience to hand wash my Yeti every night. I actually really love my Lilly Pulitzer travel mug because it’s super cute and it’s dishwasher safe (even though it says hand wash recommended, I can vouch that it does fine in the dishwasher). I’d also love one of the water tumblers.

*While we’re on Lilly Pulitzer, I’d pretty much be excited to find any of their dresses under the tree, but my favorites are always the Essie, Marlowe, Sloane, Melle and Callista styles, and I really have my eye on the new Jupiter Sweater Dress.

*Pearl stud earrings. I lost one of my pearl earrings a couple years ago and was devastated. They were definitely my go-to jewelry and I love the classiness and simplicity. They go with everything. One of these days I am going to get a new pair…or maybe Santa will bring me a pair one year;)

*Tory Burch flats. Always an easy go-to gift that Matt can get me. My uniform staple is often leggings, a tunic and TB flats, and I can’t ever have enough of any of those items. This year I asked for these cute gold ones with the bows at the toe. I like the bow for a change (as compared to the logo medallion) and I feel like they will add a little somethin’ somethin’ to my outfits. I also asked for a new pair of Millers that I can stow away until Spring. Can’t go wrong with those in my opinion.

*Continuing in the shoe category…I think I put this on the list every year, but I LOVE my Ugg slippers. Hands down the most worn thing I own. I put these bad boys on the minute I walk in the door. Mine are two years old, but they still look really good and have held up so well. Wouldn’t mind a new pair though in a different style or color. $100 may seem steep for slippers, but I’m telling you, you WILL get your money’s worth.

*Programmable slow cooker. I know this sounds super lame, but it’s high time for a crockpot upgrade. I feel like I would use a crockpot so much more if I could set it to start cooking at a certain time and then transfer to warm at a certain time. The reason I don’t use it a lot is because we are gone for at least 9 hours each day, and most meals can’t cook, even on low, for that long. Ideally I need to be able to prep and get all of the ingredients in the crockpot at night and pop it in the fridge, so then I can just hook it all up in the morning and set it to start cooking around 10 a.m. and transfer to warm at 5 p.m.

*Pretty art work for the home. Look for something that reminds you of the person you’re gifting, or something that you know would look great in their house. Minted is a great place to find unique pieces, and I’ve already expressed my love for House of Belonging if you want a piece with scripture on it. I love getting pieces from other people when I can tell they put a lot of thought into it. Such a meaningful gift that will last.

*Gift certificate to a favorite store. Duh. Who doesn’t love to go shop with free money? For me, a gift certificate to Lululemon is pretty much the best gift you can give me.

*Cozy blanket scarf. Can never have too many of these in my opinion. I have them in an array of colors and fabrics, but I especially love the cozy, thick fabrics for winter time. I always keep one in my purse and hung over my chair in my office for when I get cold. Plus they help pull together an otherwise blah outfit.

*Thierry Mugler Angel perfume. I put this on my list every year because I ask for it every year (one large bottle lasts me a year exactly). My favorite perfume of all time. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been stopped on the street, in the elevator, in a store, etc. and asked what scent I’m wearing. I’m always getting compliments on it. It’s different without being too “out there,” and it’s just so warm and subtle.

*jCrew Excursion vests. Again, can’t have too many of these and they are perfect for carrying you from fall through winter. They keep your core warm and pull together a look. Right now I’m really loving my navy and green vest. I’m actually wearing it today!

*Gift certificate for a massage. Who doesn’t love a massage? This isn’t something I would normally go do for myself, even though I love it every time I go, so it’s a nice treat. Same goes for a gift certificate to get a pedicure.

Stocking stuffers:

*Emi-Jay hair ties. Can never have too many of these.

*Nostalgic candy. Hit up Cracker Barrel for a good selection.

*Subscription to a favorite magazine.

*Amazon Kindle gift card. This is a very useful gift for an avid reader like myself, assuming they have a Kindle of course.

*Starbucks gift card. Even with my new Ninja Coffee Bar, it’s still fun to hit up Starbucks when I’m out running errands on the weekend.

*Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Will always and forever be my favorite lip product.

*Fancy hand cream. I keep hand cream stashed all over the place, and I love really rich ones that smell nice, without being greasy or over-powering. L’Occitane is always one of my favorites.

*Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil. My MIL got me hooked on this a couple years ago and now I am legitimately hooked (and running low!). I love rubbing this on my legs and arms when I get out of the bath, and I’ve used it on the ends of my hair when it gets dry in the winter.

*Anything Rodan + Fields! I can even help you out with that if you need it;) Seriously though, high quality skincare is such a nice treat. Even before I was selling R+F, I always asked for some sort of nice skincare product. Now I love gifting it.

Hope this gave you some ideas! I still have some serious Christmas shopping to do and I’ve GOT to get after it this weekend. Unfortunately most of my shopping is in the male genre, which is so stinkin’ hard! The women in our families are so easy to shop for and I actually love picking out gifts for them. The men on the other hand, such a struggle. Anyone have good ideas??

Friday Faves

Happy December! My most favorite month of the year! I can’t believe the Christmas season is already here, and that we are coming up on the end of another year. Time goes so fast…it’s hard to keep up. It’s been a whirlwind, basically since the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m determined to soak up the rest of this month and *try* to slow down a little. Big emphasis on the try. It’s so hard. There’s always so much I want to do this time of year and I’m notorious for over-packing our schedules. I’m sick with a nasty cold right now, which isn’t helping matters, but we already have reservations to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole tonight;) so I’ll be sucking it up (literally) and making the most of it. Praying I can get over this sickness before the week of Christmas. Oh, and it is C.O.L.D. here today. Like, in the 20s cold. Definitely feeling like Christmas up in here. We really may be going to the North Pole tonight.

On to some faves as of late…

*Splurge on this candle. Trust me. The best holiday scent there is. I’d really like to order the Birchwood Pine scent as well.

*Who scored some good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? I didn’t venture out on Black Friday, but I was all over the Cyber Monday craziness. I thought there were some really good deals this year…better than normal even. I knocked out some Christmas gifts and helped Matt out by buying a few things he can wrap and give to me for my birthday and Christmas;) I usually try and do a Christmas Wish List post every year, so maybe I’ll work on that next week. My favorite gift to myself? My new Ninja Coffee Bar! It finally came in this week and I’ve been reading the manual and can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

*I am OBSESSED with our new print from House of Belonging. We have a relatively large wall in our living room that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with since we moved in. I knew I wanted a large print, but didn’t want to buy just anything and kept waiting till something caught my eye. I came across this small business on Instagram (@houseofbelonging) awhile back and knew I wanted a piece to hang somewhere. When she posted a similar piece using these song lyrics, I knew it was the one. Other than the fact that this is one of my favorite songs, it’s also what I would sing to Asher Wade while rocking him to sleep every night. So it has a lot of special meaning to me, and always will. The owner/artist is so talented and all of the pieces in her shop are gorgeous. I highly recommend! Check out the Etsy shop here.

*Another sweet, small business find is The Giving Manger. I recently bought one of these for us to do as a family. The idea is that for every act of service/kindness leading up to Christmas, you get to place a piece of straw in the manger, in preparation for Baby Jesus. I love how this is a simple way to start teaching AW the true Reason for the Season and encouraging service and kindness towards others during the Christmas season. Plus, it’s a fun, meaningful activity for us to do as a family. It looks like the Giving Mangers are all sold out for 2016, but you can pre-order yours for Christmas 2017.

*Cranberry margaritas. I made these over the Thanksgiving holiday, and have continued to since. Such a fun, festive cocktail, that is super easy to make. Mix together ½ cup tequila (I prefer Tres Agaves or Patron), ¾ cup orange liqueur (Patron Orange Liqueur is a good one), ¾ cup fresh lime juice and 1.5 cups cranberry juice. Stir well and then pour over ice. Garnish with a few fresh cranberries. This makes around 3 nice sized margaritas, so just double or triple the recipe as needed. I think I tripled it to get a full pitcher.

*We finally had a successful Santa visit! The first couple ones we attempted did NOT go over well. For a little boy that goes on and on about Santa, I’m not sure why he acted so scared. We did a Brunch with Santa event this past Sunday and for whatever reason, Asher Wade decided he liked this Santa. He was more than happy to spout off his Christmas List and give him letter. He asked Santa for a remote controlled Blaze, black Lightning McQueen, Lion Guard Playset and a “big Lightning McQueen that he can ride in” (which apparently is not being made anymore so Santa is going to have to get creative here).

Tis’ the Season! {Part 1}

The holidays are here! Whether you’re ready for them or not, they are upon us. I don’t waste any time getting things holly jolly festive in our part of the woods. Christmas decorations started coming out in the beginning of November and I gradually decorated leading up to Thanksgiving. Matt hung the outside lights this past weekend and they look amazing! I prefer to have our house decorated before Thanksgiving because I love to see all the bright colors and lights during our Thanksgiving meal:-) Never too early for Christmas in my opinion. I give Mr. Turkey his due time and respect, but no reason not to have a Christmas tree in the corner. I love how all the decorations look in our home. Will try to remember to get more pictures, but here’s a few for now.

Probably should have closed the garage door…

Christmas activities are also in full swing already. We attended a Christmas kick-off parade, which marks Santa’s arrival at our local mall, and Asher Wade was SO EXCITED. He is so in to Santa this year. I’m in to Santa too because finally we can use him to threaten AW in to obedience, lol. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for the day when I could start saying, “You better behave because Santa is watching.” I use Jesus in place of Santa sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Apparently AW already knows his sins have been bought;)

We attended a “Lumberjack Bash” in our neighborhood a couple weeks ago, which was super fun. I had never heard of this sort of party theme, but it was really cute and festive for this time of year! Give me any excuse to wear plaid, and I’m there. Matt actually found this dress for me at Target and it was perfect. Plus it’s super warm, so I see myself wearing it a lot over the winter.

We attended a “Shop in Your PJ’s” event at Asher Wade’s school. They opened the book fair to the younger kids only and had doughnuts and story time. Asher Wade had a blast with his best bud, Scout. These two are quite the pair, and they had so much fun playing together outside of normal school hours. Asher Wade literally asks me every day if Scout can come over to play, so I’m glad we were finally able to get our schedules together and make a play date happen.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hosted this year and I was happy to be in our house with family (last year we were by ourselves in our tiny apartment) AND feeling healthy (last year I felt like I was on my death bed with a terrible sinus infection and bronchitis). Matt’s parents and my brother came in and we also hosted some people from church, so we had a somewhat full table. The more the merrier in my opinion:-)

The day after Thanksgiving we attempted to go see Santa. It started off well, but did NOT end well. For whatever reason, AW got scared (and was just having a 3-year old moment in general) and I had to carry him kicking and screaming out of the store. Good times.

The calm before the storm

The storm

All was well later that night though at the lighted boat parade:-)

Motivation Monday {and Turkey Trot}

Last week was a blur, but I think I remember what I did each day. I was off from work most of the week (except Monday), and it was so nice to be with family, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Granted, I was crazy busy running around town, prepping food, getting ready for hosting duties, and decorating the house for Christmas. It was fun though and there’s nothing I love more than having family in town, especially around the holidays. I was able to squeeze in a few OTF classes as well, which somewhat made up for all the Thanksgiving goodies i consumed. I try not to put a lot of pressure on myself during the holidays, but rather eat in moderation, try a little bit of everything and fully enjoy favorite treats. Having a healthy lifestyle and diet 90% of the time allows me to splurge the other 10%. Not going to lie though, I was more than happy to get back to my hard boiled eggs, protein bars, fruit and big ole’ salad today.

Stats from last week:

Monday 11/21: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Tuesday 11/22: 3 mile run around the neighborhood

Wednesday 11/23: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday 11/24: Ran in the Turkey Trot 8K that morning with Matt, my brother and some friends #wobblebeforeyougobble

Friday 11/25: Pretty much just rested my body today, other than taking the pups for a walk around the neighborhood

Saturday 11/26: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday 11/27: Didn’t keep track of my mileage, but I ran/walked around the neighborhood for close to an hour

Some pics from the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot…

July 4th Weekend

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s just something about the patriotism and pride that’s always so present and alive throughout our country and communities. Not that we shouldn’t feel patriotic every day of the year, but it is nice to have a day where everyone seems to come together and salute this great country and the men and women that have selflessly given their lives so we can live in the land of the free. Freedom is certainly not free, and we get to live in the land of the free because of the brave, and for that, I am thankful.

Plus, I love any excuse to don a red, white and blue color scheme;)

In all seriousness though, it’s important to me that Asher Wade start to understand the importance of these holidays and the reason why we celebrate, and I like planning outings and activities to make the holiday feel special and important. We enjoyed our little 4th staycation and a 4-day weekend. Other than spending lots of time outside and at the pool, we also attended a birthday party, attended the firework show on the river, spent the night in a hotel downtown, visited the local children’s museum, and just generally had a lot of family time.




LOVE our beautiful city!



On the afternoon of the 4th we delivered cupcakes to our various neighbors that have served our country. We have quite a few veterans in our neighborhood, and we are certainly very proud to know them.



Hope you had a wonderful July 4th as well!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery. ~Galatians 5:1

Toddler Tuesday {Toddler Camping 101}

{Totally forgot to do my Motivation Monday post yesterday. Last week was so crazy, I honestly don’t even remember what I did, other than trying to fit in some short runs when I could. Back at it this week for sure!}

We took AW camping for the first time this past weekend. I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day. Turns out, camping with a 3 year old is somewhat fun, somewhat stressful, and somewhat of a nightmare;) Let’s just say that our weekend of camping ended with us packing up and heading out at 10 o’clock on Saturday night, lol. This was after listening to Asher Wade whine and complain for the whole afternoon about how he wanted to “go home to the blue house NOW.” He started off having a really good time, until he realized that camping involved bugs and sleeping in a tent. The child is TERRIFIED of bugs. Like, it’s borderline ridiculous. Obviously there were creepy crawlers all over the place, so that didn’t go over well. Then we explained that he was going to sleep in a tent that first night, and he started crying for his bed. I mean, I guess I can’t blame him. Our beds are a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Next time we will definitely splurge on some nice Aero beds or something. Yes, there will be a next time. I’m not one to give up easily. In all seriousness I do think he’ll get more adjusted each time we go. It was just a totally different experience for him. Plus I felt like there was still a lot of stuff he couldn’t do, and we were constantly having to tell him “No” which I know gets frustrating (for all of us).

Still though, we had fun spending time together and Fall Creek Falls State Park was awesome. One of the nicer places I have camped. Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife (deer would come right up into our campsite), the falls were stunning, nice swimming pool, horseback riding, hiking, golf, fishing, playgrounds and a huge lake with tons of water sports. For those that prefer to “glamp” there are cabins and a lodge and even a decent restaurant. We cooked our meals at the campsite, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to cheating a little and visiting the restaurant. There are just a lot of amenities that make the whole camping experience a little more comfortable. If you are more adventurous, there are also options for primitive camping. Options are always nice. I definitely recommend Fall Creek Falls if you are looking for a nice outdoorsy trip. We will absolutely go back.

As for the “101” aspect of this post, here are some of my toddler camping tips for amateurs a/k/a things we will know better next time: (1) Bring cots or Aero beds, stuffed animals, their own pillow, whatever you can do to make the sleeping situation more like home, (2) Bring plenty of toys, bikes, scooters, balls, coloring books, etc., so they have stuff to do while you’re trying to enjoy the campfire and drink a beer, (3) Bring a portable potty to avoid multiple trips to the bathhouse especially if you are in the midst of potty training, (4) Pick a quieter, less trafficked campsite, preferably close to the bathhouse and a grassy area, (5) Find a campground/state park that has other, toddler-friendly stuff to do (like a pool, playground, water falls, easy hikes), (6) Bring special/safer “tools” so they can participate (AW was fascinated with the lanterns, roasting pokers, lighters, matches, sledge hammer, basically anything we’d rather him NOT play with, (7) Bring lots of wipes and anti-bacterial gel, (8) Lots of non-toxic bug spray and sunscreen (we use the Alba and Honest Company brands) and a first-aid kit, (9) Practice sleeping in the tent BEFORE you go, (10) Lots of snack options and easy to make meals that they can participate in, (11) Start small and don’t bite off more than you can chew (a whole weekend was probably a little too ambitious), and my last and final tip that I always include when it comes to any sort of toddler event, (12) GO IN WITH LOW EXPECTATIONS:-)




Since I had already planned to be off on Monday, I enjoyed spending the first official day of summer at home with AW. We also saw “Finding Dory” with Matt. This was the first time we have taken AW to the movie theater and he did great. It was such a cute movie!


Mother’s Day 2016 (and other weekend shenanigans)

Ah, what a beautiful weekend!  I was sad to see it come to an end.  We don’t always get such gorgeous, perfect weather on Mother’s Day, but we were certainly blessed with it this year.  We had such a fun weekend and spent a lot of it outdoors.  We started off Friday night with an event hosted by our church called Shine.  Basically we throw a prom for those in our community that have special needs, including their families and caregivers.  We ended up with over 500 guests!  This was our first year to be involved with this annual event and it will definitely not be our last.  Besides having so much fun with all of the guests, it was incredibly uplifting and good for the soul.  So many sweet spirits in attendance and I loved getting to meet them all.  The theme was “A Night Under the Big Top” so we decorated everything to look like a circus.  It looked awesome!  To go along with the theme we had an area of carnival type games, and Matt, being the good sport that he is, volunteered to be in the dunk tank, which was probably one of the most visited games of the night.  All in all it was just a great event and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

Saturday was Asher Wade’s last soccer practice of the season.  We’ve had to miss a lot of Saturdays due to travel, but thankfully we were able to make the last one.  This has been a fun activity for AW and although he still has a lot to learn, I think he made some progress throughout the season.  He definitely has the dribbling and shooting part down…the problem is that that’s all he wants to do the whole time;)  Seriously though, there’s not much funnier than a group of two and three year olds playing soccer.

Sunday morning I was surprised with breakfast in bed (which ultimately ended up in the kitchen to avoid a potential syrup-in-the-bed disaster with #toddlerAW) and then a couple of beautiful cards, my favorite protein bars and cookies, and a Fitbit Blaze.  My boys know me well:-)  After church we changed clothes and headed up to Lookout Mountain for a little hike and to check out Lula Lake Falls.  I’ve been wanting to visit Lula Lake since we moved to Chattanooga, but since it’s only open one weekend per month and we’ve always had other things going on, this was the first chance we got to go.  It was seriously so beautiful.  Just so natural and peaceful and definitely one of the gems of our city.  I’m constantly amazed at all the beautiful places we continue to discover since moving here.

After a picnic at the foot of the falls, we packed up and headed home, stopping for ice cream of course;)  Matt cooked one of our Blue Apron meals that night and we opened a bottle of wine and toasted to another successful Mother’s Day…my fourth one!  Each year gets better and better and I am truly so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of such a precious little boy, and the wife of such a sweet husband.  My boys certainly know how to make a lady feel special.  I definitely felt it yesterday.  Although I always feel so much joy and happiness on Mother’s Day, I also can’t help but notice a quiet sadness deep in my heart as I think of the mothers out there that have lost a child, or that are longing for a child, or the child that is grieving the loss of their mother.  Like many holidays, this is one of those days that can often bring up a lot of sadness and darkness for some.  It can also bring up hope too, though.  It’s also a reminder there are so many different ways to be a mother, and ALL mothers should be celebrated.  So, whether you are a birth mom, an adoptive mom, a fur baby mom, a grieving mom, a longing mom, or simply a mom at heart, Happy Mother’s Day!  Moms rock!

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful, family filled Easter weekend in Chattanooga this year.  Like I mentioned last week, my parents flew in on Friday, and my brother and his girlfriend drove over from Nashville on Sunday morning to spend the day with us.  We were able to all go to church together and enjoy brunch at our house, which was so special.  It’s not often we are all in the same city at the same time!  I cannot believe I didn’t get a single picture of us all from that day.  Don’t you wish you could have a designated photographer following you around?  I feel like I miss out on so many photo opportunities because I’m always so busy running around, visiting and entertaining.  After church and brunch at home, we basically just relaxed and visited, and watched The Good Dinosaur.  The Easter Bunny left this movie in Asher Wade’s basket and it’s pretty much been on repeat ever since.  AW provided most of the entertainment, as per the usual.  Between family being in town, a sugar high, and the general excitement of Easter, he was pretty much bouncing off walls.  He skipped a nap for like the fourth time in his life…no chance he was going down and missing out on anything.  He loves hanging out with family.

Easter is such a special holiday to me.  I always get emotional thinking about the meaning behind it and the events that occurred so many years ago.  It is incredibly humbling to think that someone loved me so much, that he came to this earth, knowing his sole purpose was to die for me, for my family, my friends, all of my loved ones, and all he asked for in return was a faithful friendship.  Such a simple request for such a huge sacrifice.  I look at Asher Wade, my own son, that I love so very much, and I can’t imagine how God must have felt, other than knowing he obviously loved us more than we could ever fathom.  Because that’s the kind of love it would take to hand over your own son.  For that, I am incredibly thankful.


I’ll share the handful of pictures I took throughout the weekend.  We were blessed with some beautiful spring weather and were able to spend a lot of time outdoors.  It was fun showing my parents around Chattanooga and taking them to all of our favorite spots.



Even Maddux enjoyed the beautiful weather:-)