Motivation Monday

I don’t know how I got so off on my MM posts. I promise I’ve been exercising! I always document what I do…I just keep forgetting to put it in an actual post. Although I’m still having ankle/shin/calf discomfort, I feel like it has maybe gotten a little better? Or I’m just getting better at improvising. I’ve started mixing in the strider for the treadmill at Orangetheory for at least part of the time, which has helped, and I’ve pretty much stopped walking outside. I can still jog on the treadmill for 15 minutes or so, but otherwise it’s the strider, the rower and definitely more focus on weight training. I still feel pretty good and can hang with my usual weights. The exercises I’ve really cut out are anything that uses my abs or core, other than planks (with my hands on the bench rather than the floor so I’m somewhat at an incline), and obviously anything that requires me to lie on my belly. I feel really strong and healthy, which I hope means BB2 is feeling strong and healthy as well:-)


Stats from the week before last:

Monday: 10 minutes on the treadmill (5.0 mph) followed by a 45 minute Sports Drill class (cardio intervals alternating with some strength exercises)

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: At least once a week I have a day where I’m just not feeling my workout, and today was that day. I usually will go down to the locker room on auto pilot, change into my gym clothes and at least try to do something in the gym. Today all I managed was a very slow 15 minute walk on the treadmill and then 15 minutes on the elliptical. Something is better than nothing.

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: Pretty much took a rest day other than a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood

Sunday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Stats from last week:

Monday: 45 minute walk outside with a friend…the chit-chat distracted me a little from the ankle pain and shin splints

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Wednesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Thursday: 10 minutes on the treadmill (5.0 mph) followed by a 45 minute Total Body Training class (primarily strength training using free weights, with a few cardio intervals thrown in)

Friday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Saturday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday: Total rest and relaxation day….Happy Mother’s Day to me!


Told you it was a total rest day;)

On another motivational note, Matt ran a 25K trail run. While he’s done that distance before, this was his first trail run. And apparently it wasn’t like the “trails” we are used to with the clear, well defined paths. There were some very steep climbs up the mountain, lots of rocks and creeks to go through and very uneven terrain. He was struggling when he crossed the finish line, but he made it! Asher Wade and I were there waiting and cheering him on:-)



Motivation Monday and Weekend Shenanigans

I kind of had a hectic week at work and then we left town on Friday for a little getaway, so it was a bit of a struggle to fit in my exercise towards the latter part of the week. I’m also noticing that my workouts are starting to feel more challenging and I’m finding myself taking more breaks, and taking it slower in general. I’m still running, and I’m planning to do a half marathon in March, but I feel like after that I may start switching to walking instead. Not that running isn’t perfectly safe during pregnancy (assuming you were running before getting pregnant, and assuming you have your doctor’s OK of course), but I’m also trying to listen to my body and my body seems to be telling me to slow it down a little bit. Orangetheory is still going great and I have every intention of keeping that up all the way through my pregnancy, knowing I’ll just have to keep modifying as necessary. Thankfully the coaches are super knowledgeable and have been great about providing modifications as needed.

Stats from this past week:

Monday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Tuesday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class…we did a partner workout for Valentine’s Day and I had so much fun working out with Matt

Wednesday: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.5 mph) and a 45 minute Power Yoga class (where I was reminded how much more stretching I need to be doing…)

Thursday: Squeezed in a 35 minute run on the treadmill (5.5-6.0 mph) between meetings

Friday: Headed to Birmingham for a marriage conference, so I took a rest day, and then regretted not fitting in some sort of exercise given the fact that there was a wall, yes a wall, of donuts at the conference, from my most favorite donut shop in B’ham. Not to mention tables and tables of mini bundt cakes and cheese biscuits and cheese grits and other shenanigans. I decided to indulge anyways, because #yolo, right?

Saturday: 1 hour walk around our old stomping grounds in B’ham with some serious hills to climb up and down

Sunday: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Like I mentioned above, we spent the weekend in Birmingham with our dear friends the Miller’s and attended a marriage conference at our old church. This is probably the fifth time we have gone to this conference and it never disappoints. I always come away with new insights and information and a renewed appreciation for Matt and our marriage, and a desire to want to make it even better. My mom flew in to keep Asher Wade so we could get away with total peace of mind knowing he was in good hands. It was such a great weekend with Matt and friends and I’m thankful for the time we had together. I was also thankful to get home to our little stinker yesterday.

Happy Day of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day so let’s have a little fun shall we? Copy and paste and answer the following about your own significant other!

How long have you known each other?
Since Memorial Day weekend of 2005, so almost 12 years

Who asked who out?
He asked me

What about pets?
Yes we have a zoo..a labradoodle, an Australian shepherd and a sweet kitty

Who said I love you first?
Matt told me first after an O.A.R. concert, although he was a little tipsy when he said it, lol!

Who is the most sensitive?
Definitely me

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Mojo Burrito, Moe’s, although we like to mix it up on date night…Stir is probably our favorite local place

Who’s older?
Matt, and I never let him forget it!

Who has the craziest ex?
Neither of us as far as I know

Who has the worst temper?

Who is more social?
We are both pretty social, but I think Matt probably edges me out a little since I can have some introvert tendencies at times

Who is the neat freak?
Probably me, I like things a certain way

Who is the most romantic?

Who is the most stubborn?
Definitely a tie, and Asher Wade has inherited that trait

Who wakes up earlier?
Same, we both get up when the alarm goes off, or when AW comes in

Who’s the funniest?

Where was your first date?
Cha Cha Coconuts in Sarasota

Who has the biggest family?
Both families are the same size

Do you get flowers often?
Yes, quite often actually…I received a beautiful bouquet today:-)

How long did it take to get serious?
We got pretty serious right away, although we took a little “break” shortly after we started dating, but then picked right back up…we were engaged less than a year after meeting.

Who eats more?
Usually him, but right now, probably me #pregnancytruths

Plans date night?
It’s a toss up that generally involves us going back and forth until someone makes the executive decision (usually me)

Who was interested first?
He was interested in me first

Who picks where you go to dinner?
Usually me

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
Well, I’m never wrong, so I don’t usually have anything to admit 😉 (seriously, we BOTH struggle with this)

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I like to think that Matt wears the pants, but I’m the suspenders that hold those pants up;)

Who eats more sweets?
Definitely me!

Who cries more?

Celebrating our 12th Valentine’s Day together by doing a partner workout at Orangetheory, because that’s just how we do things:-)

10 Things Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Today Matt and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!  This is so surreal to me. Time really has gone by so fast, especially since having Asher Wade. It seems not so long ago that we were enjoying our gorgeous wedding, and so much of the following months and years seem like such a blur, but then there were also some very challenging seasons that seemed to drag forever. Marriage is definitely full of seasons. The good ones go by so fast, and the more difficult ones take their time. Life is kind of like that in general, wouldn’t you say? Still though, we have weathered through some things and have stayed strong and happy and in love, and that’s all that matters to me. God has blessed us no doubt, and He’s carried us through everything and allowed us to rejoice in so much. I’m so thankful for this life I’ve built with Matt and this family we are growing, and I hope I always remember not to take a single day for granted.

A few years back I did a similar post titled “8 Things Learned in 8 Years of Marriage,” so rather than reinvent the wheel I thought I’d include those 8 things (maybe with a few updates) and then add 2 more. It’s safe to say I’ve definitely learned at least 2 new things since then;)

1. A lot of it. Very early on I thought this was a total cliche…something people just said. Let me tell you…there is nothing truer. In fact, now I firmly believe that if you aren’t working at your marriage, you’re slowing killing it. I don’t think neither Matt nor I believed this for the first few years. Maybe not even until we had a kid. Now that we have to put so much time, effort and energy in to raising a child, our marriage doesn’t naturally receive the attention like it used to. We have to consciously give it attention. The outcome is definitely worth the effort though.

2. You are going to annoy the heck out of each other. The things that were once endearing, are going to become like nails on a chalkboard. They will do things that drive you batty. Guess what though? You are equally as annoying in some way or another. No one is perfect, and to some extent, we’re all challenging to live with. Learn to accept it and move on. When it gets to where you are constantly focused on the imperfections, remind yourself that they were perfect in your eyes at some point. You don’t focus on the negative things during the early part of dating…you only see the good things. Although they were seemingly perfect during that googly-eyed dating phase, imperfections will reveal themselves a few years down the road, on both sides, but in reality there is no such thing as a perfect person. If you keep letting imperfections rule your thoughts, you’ll never be happy. Learn to accept, just as you have been accepted.

3. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, it’s only that way because they water it more. Instead of hopping the fence to greener pastures, maybe just water your own pasture a little more.

4. Marriage has no room for pride. This is hands down the hardest concept for us to grasp. Pride gets in our way more than anything else and most of the fights we’ve had have stemmed from one of us (usually both) being prideful. A lot can be said for being vulnerable and saying sorry. Chances are that it will completely change the mood and the other person will in turn apologize. The bottom line is that someone has to go first, so just be that person and quit agonizing over it. (Something else that our pastor recently said that really struck a chord with me was how the word “I” will be the biggest struggle you’ll ever face in marriage. Meaning that the biggest challenge is learning to put your spouse’s needs and desires before your own. It’s human nature to want to get your way, and it’s so difficult to set aside your own agenda to serve the needs and wants of another, but it really is such a crucial key to a successful marriage…something that we are still working on.)

5. If “Marriage” was a job listed in the classifieds it wouldn’t require any skills upon hire. This is because you learn on the job. It’s the most on-the-job-training you’ll ever get. The best thing you can do is go in eager and ready to learn. When things get tough, that means it’s time to learn some new skills. Just think of your current job – when a new challenge presents itself you don’t just clock out and say “yeah, that’s too hard.” No, you’d figure out what you need to do to accomplish this new task. Marriage has to be the same to be successful.

6. Criticism and requests for change are not the same thing. Learn how to differentiate between the two, and more importantly, learn how to express the two. You can get way more bang for your buck if you learn how to ask for things in a positive and encouraging way. Criticism just leads to hurt feelings, anger and resentment. Learn how to ask for what you want in a way that makes the other person want to give it to you, without being manipulative or critical.

7. If you feel the need to start a sentence with “I don’t mean to be rude/offensive/disrespectful…” you are going to come across as being exactly that, so maybe just don’t say it. Same goes for, “I’m not sure that I should say this, but….” Close your mouth. Take a step away from the situation and think it through. I have learned the hard way (as both a deliverer and receiver) that words can cut like a knife. They don’t just go away either, and they can be remembered for a long time. Choose your words carefully.

8. You need God in the center. Period. I don’t know how people make it work without God in their marriage, or some common ground and shared faith. I’m not saying that if you’re not in church together every single Sunday you aren’t going to make it. I’m just saying you have to have something to fall back on to remind you of the commitment you made, and remind you of the values and morals you share. Whenever we’ve hit a rough patch, we’ve always had God in our corner, talking to us quietly, whispering in our ears and reminding us of the covenant we made to each other and to Him, helping us see past the anger and frustration, and remember the love and friendship, and most importantly, the commitment we made. Also, remember that no problem is too big for God to fix.

9. Learn to serve your spouse. Figure out what their “love language” is or what makes them feel loved and cherished and important. What makes them happy? What do they enjoy doing? What helps them to relax? If they had a day to themselves, what would they do? Figure these things out and then try to do them. It’s not always easy, especially when you have crazy schedules and kids and jobs and just generally have a lot going on, but it can be as simple as putting away the dishes, cooking a nice dinner, taking the kid out of the house for a couple of hours, letting them pick the movie or restaurant, saying “Yes” when you really just want to roll over and say “No.”;) You get my drift. Figure out ways you can meet their needs and serve them and then take note of the change you’ll see at home.

10. Don’t let one bad season determine what marriage is to you. A season is just that, a season. It will pass. Things will get better. Just because you may go through a difficult patch, it doesn’t mean that is how all your years of marriage will be. I’ll never forget this one day when Asher Wade was a newborn and he had horrible colic and I was home with him on maternity leave and it was an incredibly difficult time. A friend called me to check in and I basically just cried and told her how hard this all was and that motherhood was nothing like I had envisioned. She gave me what turned out to be the best advice I received from anyone (and let me tell you, I received a lot of advice). She told me that what I’m going through right now is simply a blip in a lifetime of being a mother and I should not let this one challenging season define what motherhood will be like for me. You guys, that advice completely changed my perspective. It has kind of become my mantra in life, and it absolutely works for both motherhood and marriage. Like I mentioned above, you WILL go through challenging seasons in marriage, but that does not mean your entire marriage is, or should be, challenging. The good can far outweigh the bad. In fact, how you handle those challenging seasons can make you stronger as a couple and allow to revel in the really good seasons even more. Don’t let a challenging season define what marriage is. It’s so much more.

I love you Matt!  So happy to do this life with you…

Thankful Thursday

In the past I have done “30 Days of Thankfulness” and posted one thing every day during the month of November that I am thankful for. This year I am going to post each Thursday, particularly since I often do a Thankful Thursday post anyways. Join in if you feel so inclined! We all have something to be thankful for!

Today I am thankful for MATT and ASHER WADE. 

Matt and I are about to celebrate 10 years of marriage. That’s so hard to believe. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, easy times and hard times, joys and sorrows, but we keep chugging along, and most importantly, we keep doing life together. We really are a team and there’s no one else I’d rather do this life with. We do it too well together. And for that, I am thankful.

Asher Wade is such a blessing to me. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this on the blog before, but before I had him, I honestly did not think I had that “mother instinct” like most of my friends did. I knew I’d probably have kid(s) someday, but it wasn’t at the top of my list of life goals. I kind of just viewed as something adults do at some point in their lives. Full disclosure here, I don’t particularly even like kids, lol. I’ve never been the type to get all goo-goo eyes whenever I see a baby and I don’t actively seek out children or want to spend time with them. Nor are other children particularly drawn towards me…probably because they can sense that I’m not overly crazy about them;) HOWEVER, this all changed when Asher Wade came along. I honestly had this immediate and innate feeling that I was meant to be a mother. Like, it was the most important job in the entire world and I was born to do it. It is shocking to me how much I love being a mom, considering how I felt pre-AW. This change happened pretty much the second I got that positive sign on the pregnancy stick, and it just grew when he was born, and has continued to ever since. Asher Wade not only made me a mom, but he made me want to be a mom. And for that, I am thankful.

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hope everyone had better weather than we did here in east Tennessee. Other than a little tease we had last Monday, it’s hot as all get out, and humid, and rainy, and just generally unpleasant. Thankfully the mornings are somewhat bearable and dry, but I ran a 5K on Saturday morning and still looked like I had jumped in a pool at 8 a.m. 24 days till fall, but who’s counting, right?

Stats from the week, and some pics below…

Monday 8/8: There was a nice 10 degree drop in temps today so you better believe I headed outside! 65 minute walk along the river, and it was glorious!

Tuesday 8/9: 10 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph) followed by a 30 minute Step class and 15 minutes of core work

Wednesday 8/10: 45 minute Power Yoga class and then walked outside for about 15 minutes

Thursday 8/11: Took a 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Friday 8/12: 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of upper body strength training and some core exercises

Saturday 8/13: Ran a 5K that morning (pushing AW in the stroller) and did a sunset stand-up paddleboard session with Matt that night

Sunday 8/14: Had no motivation today, BUT got my butt off the couch that evening and walked around the neighborhood for 35 minutes

Like I mentioned above, I ran in a 5K with some friends on Saturday morning. we pushed our kiddos in the strollers and man, it was a workout. I finished in 32 minutes and ran the whole time, so I was pretty pleased. Asher Wade enjoyed himself until we got to the finish line. All the people cheering and the loud music freaked him out a little. Then someone handed him a Moon Pie and all was right in the world again:-)


Kenzie and AW


About to take off


Mother runners!


Post race…sweaty, but happy with our Moon Pie

For date night on Saturday Matt and I decided to mix it up a little and headed out for a stand-up paddleboard session at sunset. A storm had passed through a couple hours prior, and it was gorgeous out. So thankful to live in such a beautiful city, and to have access to all these great outdoor activities.



{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

{Thought I’d do a little iPhone photo dump with pics from the last week or so. Lots of randomness!}

Feeling proud after a back-to-school haircut

Breakfast with daddy one morning

When you have no clue who you’re going to vote for come November…

Sweet Annie…getting so big

Date night last weekend…finally!

First day of preschool…be still my heart

After much deliberation, Asher Wade finally picked out a Spiderman backpack and lunchbox, but was a little jealous when he saw his neighbor’s Paw Patrol ensemble;)

Motivation Monday

Got my mojo back this week after a somewhat off week the week before. I did my usual favorite classes, but also mixed it up a little.  Matt and I are actually having a little weight loss competition right now, although we are still trying to figure out how to actually measure the weight loss.  We initially said that the winner would be whoever lost the most weight (percent weight loss) by July 31st, but now we are considering measuring in inches.  Reason being that we are both focusing more on strength training, which means we are both gaining muscle, and we know that muscle weighs more than fat, so we’re skeptical whether “pounds lost” is the best way to determine progress.  So anyways, we are still going back and forth on whether we are going by percent weight lost or inches lost.  Either way, the competition is on!  Winner gets a $100 gift card to Lululemon, and you know I want that! We are also both reading a really great book called The 4×4 Diet by Erin Oprea, a trainer and nutrition coach located in Nashville, who also just happens to be Carrie Underwood’s trainer, among other country celebrities. I’ve followed her on Instagram for awhile now, and I was excited to pick-up her book. It’s full of tons of great information, all backed by legit research and science. Lady knows what she’s talking about. I highly recommend checking this book out.

 Stats from last week:

 Monday 5/16: 40 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph) and 20 minutes of strength training on my own, focusing on chest and back and some abs

Tuesday 5/17: 25 minutes on the treadmill (5.8-6.0 mph) followed by a 30 minute step class

Wednesday 5/18: 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 45 minute power yoga class

Thursday 5/19: 20 minutes on the treadmill (5.6-5.8 mph) followed by a 45 minute Total Body Training class (mostly strength training with some short cardio intervals thrown in, and while this is usually a great class, I didn’t get a very challenging workout in this time…whah, whah, whah.)

Friday 5/20: Today was hilarious and awesome…Matt and I did a 50 minute, full body workout together that kicked our booties! We mixed some Tabata with strength training circuits and really challenged ourselves (using a lot of the techniques and moves from The 4×4 Diet). This would have never happened a year ago. I don’t think I’ve ever come straight out and mentioned it on here, but if you have followed along for awhile, you’ve probably seen the evidence in the pictures for sure. Matt has lost around 60 pounds over the last 2 years or so, and he has kept it off for probably over a year now. When we first started dating 11 years ago, we worked out together all the time, then Matt took a 10 year hiatus. Now he’s back in the gym and working hard and the results are definitely evident. So anyways, today was cool because I never thought I’d see the day where we were doing high intensity, challenging workouts together. Exercising with your spouse is fun and definitely motivating! In fact, I should totally get Matt to do a “Motivation Monday” post some time!

Saturday 5/21: 60 minute session at OrangeTheory Fitness, so you KNOW I got a good, full body workout

Sunday 5/23: Woke up sick…bleh. Pretty much rested all day, but did take a very low impact stroll around the neighborhood. It was such a gorgeous day too…so bummed to spend it inside:(

Happy Monday, y’all! It’s gorgeous outside (at least here in Tennessee), so get out there and enjoy it!

Toddler Tuesday (and a little about Matt)

Since Matt was in Birmingham attending a men’s conference at our old church, #toddlerAW and I had lots of mommy and son time over the weekend.  This usually involves visits to our favorite ice cream shop, long walks along the river, and trips to Target, which is exactly what we did.  AW also got a much needed (as evidenced by the shaggy pics below) haircut.  I always enjoy getting some one-on-one time with my little man, but I’m always really happy when Matt comes home.  Just a few pictures from the past weekend, which was incredibly beautiful by the way…



And hopefully Matt doesn’t care that I posted these on here, but I just think it’s an awesome thing that he did and I want to brag on him a bit…


Matt and I were both raised in church and have been Christians for a long time, but Matt has mentioned on several occasions over the last few years that he felt the urge to get baptized again, now that he was mature enough in his faith to really understand what it means.  While attending the conference this past weekend he had the opportunity, along with hundreds of other men, to get baptized.  Like, full fledged, under the water, old school baptized!  Two of his closest friends were there to witness it and cheer him on, which I think was so cool.  I was so glad they got these pictures so I could see:-)

Sarasota Vacay {Fall 2015}

Trying to get caught up, so expect some more posts over the next several days!  We’ve been up to A LOT over the last month or so, starting with a wonderful trip to Sarasota to visit my family.  Normally when we visit, it’s just for a long weekend, but this time we had a whole week – eight days to be exact.  It was fabulous.  After all the stress and anxiety that came along with making the decision to uproot and make the move to Chattanooga, it was so great to take some time off in between jobs and spend time together as a family.  Obviously I always love going to Sarasota to see my parents and grandpa, but it was really nice to have this time with Matt and Asher Wade.  Between that week and the following week in Chattanooga, before I started work, I feel like we had some quality family time together, with no distractions or commitments.  I’m thankful to have had a couple weeks in between jobs.

I will be posting about our first couple of weeks in Chattanooga soon {spoiler – we LOVE our new city!}, but for now, here are some pictures from our Sarasota trip.  Warning – picture overload!!

IMG_8466 IMG_8468 IMG_8485 IMG_8487 IMG_8499 IMG_8532 IMG_8569 IMG_8556 IMG_8559 IMG_8565 IMG_8566 IMG_8540-0 IMG_8583 IMG_8554 IMG_8570 IMG_8584 IMG_8590 IMG_8592 IMG_8595 IMG_8600 IMG_8596 IMG_8602 IMG_8608 IMG_8607 IMG_8616 IMG_8611 IMG_8615 IMG_8620 IMG_8623 IMG_8640 IMG_8645 IMG_8636 IMG_8646 IMG_8656 IMG_8655 IMG_8666 IMG_8702 IMG_8684 IMG_8662 IMG_8657 IMG_8706 IMG_8716 IMG_8727 IMG_8731 IMG_8736 IMG_8687 IMG_8697 IMG_8711 IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8719 IMG_8721 IMG_8738 IMG_8732 IMG_8739 IMG_8745 IMG_8744

IMG_8747 IMG_8754 IMG_8757 IMG_8759 IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8777 IMG_8786 IMG_8793 IMG_8783